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  • Spearmint Chews (200g)

    Spearmint Chews (200g)

    If you like your mints chewy these should do the trick nicely! They are delicious chewy sweets with a fabulous cooooooool, spearmint taste!
  • Peppermint Creams (200g)

    Peppermint Creams (200g)

    A smooth cool minty taste in a soft, crystallised sweet - deservedly a favourite. Just melts in your mouth. . . mmm!!
  • Mega Sour Fruits (200g)

    Mega Sour Fruits (200g)

    These sweets have an extremely sour coating which lasts approximately 20 seconds, if these don't make your face screw up as you eat them, nothing will!
  • Kendal Mint Cake (200g)

    Kendal Mint Cake (200g)

    The smell that hits you when you open the jar of this sweet is unforgettable, the way it melts in your mouth. Ice ice baby!
  • Black & White Mints (200g)

    Black & White Mints (200g)

    Commonly found in liquorice allsorts, these mint beauties are half liquorice and half mint. Can't go wrong!