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  • Liquorice Alsorts (200g)

    Liquorice Alsorts (200g)

    Truly scrumptious sweets flavoured with coconut, aniseed, fruit flavourings and, of course, liquorice. This combination and variety provides a tasty treat for everyone!
  • Haribo Liquorice Wheels (200g)

    Haribo Liquorice Wheels (200g)

    A long lace of delicious coiled liquorice - like Catherine Wheels but without the Spog in the middle.
  • Liquorice Cream Rock (200g)

    Liquorice Cream Rock (200g)

    Delicious soft liquorice wrapped around an assortment of fruit-flavoured fondants. Often seen in liquorice allsorts.
  • Lion's Liquorice Gums / Tablets (200g)

    Lion's Liquorice Gums / Tablets (200g)

    Strong tasty liquorice, also known as liquorice tablets. One of the most well known sweets we sell, the only problem with these sweets is once you start, you just can't put them down!