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Independent retailers are the lifeblood of the British economy, they play a crucially important role in the local economy and in the retail sector as a whole. However, independent retailers are being squeezed out of business by a combination of high rent and rates and the continued march of online shopping.

Gigabuy gives independent retailers the opportunity to fight back, to be part of a collective of independent retailers that has an online presence that simply would not be possible on their own. As a collective the traffic attracted to the Gigabuy site is significantly more than most independents could possibly hope to attract with their own website. Having a Gigabuy shop is the way forward for independent retailers, together we are stronger, together we can begin to claim back and increase our share of the market.

Gigabuy costs nothing to the retailer in development fees, nothing in update and maintenance fees, no listing fees. Gigabuy handles all the customer payments so no merchant account is needed, and there are no credit/debit cards fees or PayPal fees to pay - taking a major headache away. Retailers pay just a small monthly membership fee of just £10+VAT or an annual fee of £100+VAT and a 10% +VAT commission on sales once goods have been sold.

Gigabuy provides email support to retailers included in the small monthly fee. Telephone support is also available, free of charge for the first month of membership and for a small fee thereafter.

Retailers are in control of their own Gigabuy shop via an easy-to-use content management system. Adding goods to your shop, managing your online inventory and your orders couldn't be easier.

More details are available in our introduction pack (.pdf file).
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