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Boiled/Hard Sweets


  • Yorkshire Mix (200g)

    Yorkshire Mix (200g)

    Just as its name suggests, this is a colourful mix of scrummy boiled sweets made in the very heart of Yorkshire Mixture Land... Yorkshire!
  • Walkers English Creamy Toffee (200g)

    Walkers English Creamy Toffee (200g)

    Walkers creamy toffee, are just simply fabulous! Especially if you love a creamy toffee!
  • Toffee Bon Bons (200g)

    Toffee Bon Bons (200g)

    A chewy toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet icing sugar!
  • Lemon Bon bons (200g)

    Lemon Bon bons (200g)

    A lemon toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet lemon icing sugar!
  • Sugared Almonds (200g)

    Sugared Almonds (200g)

    Lovely juicy large almonds encased in a crisp sugar coating in different pastel colours... they have such a delicate taste and they look really pretty!
  • Strawberry Bon Bons (200g)

    Strawberry Bon Bons (200g)

    A strawberry toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet strawberry icing sugar!
  • Sherbet Pips (200g)

    Sherbet Pips (200g)

    Teeny little sherbetty sweets that that have been eagerly chomped by children up and down the country for a couple of generations!
  • Sherbet Lemons (200g)

    Sherbet Lemons (200g)

    What a classic! A hard lemon boiled sweet shell with a fizzy, zingy sherbet centre!
  • Sarsaparilla Tablets (200g)

    Sarsaparilla Tablets (200g)

    A distinctive taste in a very traditional boiled sweet, very addictive!
  • Rosey Apples (200g)

    Rosey Apples (200g)

    Apple flavour boiled sweets - truly scrump-tious!
  • Rhubarb & Custard Bon Bons (200g)

    Rhubarb & Custard Bon Bons (200g)

    Deliciously tangy chewy bonbons tasting of one of our favourite flavour combinations ever!
  • Rhubarb & Custard (200g)

    Rhubarb & Custard (200g)

    The rhubarb tastes fresh and with just a hint of sharpness. And it is perfectly balanced by the rich, luxuriousness of the sweet, creamy custard!